Tips For Choosing A Real Estate Agent In Chico

Choosing the right real estat agent

It is important that you choose the right Chico real estate agent when you are buying or selling a home.

Below we have listed five tips for choosing the best Chico real estate agent.



1. Research

Literally do some legwork. Take a stroll or get in your car and drive around your local Chico neighborhood and check out the for-sale signs. Notice if one company dominates the market and what fliers or other marketing materials are available. The most important thing do is watch for SOLD signs, go up after days, weeks, or not at all? Thus you will get a feel for which Chico real estate agent does the best job in your area.

Another good idea is to visit open houses to view other homes on the market. This is a great way to see the agent in action, and meet them in a casual setting. Are they friendly, informative and professional? How do they respond to other people coming to the open house?

2. Interview Multiple Chico Real Estate Agents

A home purchase or sale is the biggest financial transaction you will enter into during your life so it is important that you spend sufficient time to interview at least three Chico real agents before deciding whom to hire. You want to find someone who has great knowledge of your area and expertise in the buying/selling process, that is, familiarity with all the technicalities such as title, appraisals, financing, negotiation, inspections, etc. Above all else, you need to ensure that you feel comfortable having this person guide you through an overwhelming and stressful process.


3. Check Out Ratings and Reviews

While a personal referral to a Chico estate agent is the best, the next best thing is to look at online ratings and reviews for the Chico real estate agent. It is invaluable to get feedback from other people who have dealt with a particular Chico estate agent and how they rated their service.

4. Set Communication Expectations

An important part of the process is the communication between your chosen Chico real estate agent and yourself. The most common complaints from buyers and sellers are about the agent’s lack of communication. Make sure you’re on the same page from the beginning. Establish how the agent will keep you informed and how often you expect to hear from them. If you prefer email but the agent is most responsive to phone calls, you may not be a good fit for each other. It doesn’t matter how fantastic your agent is if your communication styles clash.


5. Ask the Right Questions

There are many questions that you can ask during the interview process. Separate the best Chico real estate agents from the rest by asking the following questions and getting the answers that best suit you:

How many deals did you complete last year?

How many of those deals were in the area I am interested in?

How will you prioritize and strategize for my needs?

If you are purchasing a home then establish how the agent will search for homes for you, how many homes you can expect to see before finding the right one, who will come up with pricing, and how multiple offers are handled.

If you are selling your home ask how the Chico agent will market your home both on and off-line, how many photos are typically posted with a listing, what kind of photo equipment will be used (for highquality photos), where your home will be advertised and how often? Finally, can this Chico real estate agent tell you what current buyers are looking for in a home these days?

Use this guide and ask these questions to make sure you have the right real estate agent helping you

with one of the most important decisions in your life.