How Smart First Time

Home Owners Find Their Dream Home In Chico, CA

Finding your dream home

Starting Out

When searching for your first home in Chico, it will be very exciting but can also be challenging. You need to decide where in Chico you want to buy, the type of home in Chico you want and how much you have to spend. Take your time to make these decisions.

Mortgage Pre-approval in Chico

It is a great idea to get in place the amount you can borrow from your lender and have their approval before setting out looking for your ideal Chico California home. Having your loan pre-approved gives you the confidence to house hunt and speeds up the process when you make an offer on a Chico California home.

Choosing Your Location

As you move away from the Chico area, house prices tend to get lower so the first thing you will want to decide is the area you want to live in. That said you also need to take into account the distance from where your employment is in regards to traveling to and from work.

Type of Property

You will want to choose the type of real estate property in Chico that suits both your style and needs.

Property Size

You need to decide how many bedrooms you need to accommodate yourself and your family, but this may differ from what you want. Also, consider things like garden space and a garage etc. These are likely to increase the cost of your home so you need to be ruthless in your decision making especially if you are on a tight budget. Other things to consider when choosing your perfect home in Chico are things like amenities and the general state of repair of the home.

House Hunting in Chico

Once you have made the decision on which area and what type of house in Chico you want to buy you can now start house hunting. It is a good idea to visit open homes in Chico you are interested in and to talk with as many real estate agents in Chico as you can and ask them questions. It’s important to remain objective when viewing the properties and not get swept up in the moment. Remember, some flaws may be hidden! Take a trusted friend along so you can enjoy the benefits of two opinions. But remember, this is your Chico home, not theirs, so listen to their advice and opinions cautiously.

Finding a property

Contact as many Chico real estate agents as you can and give them the details of the type of home you are looking for, the area you want to live in and the amount you can afford to pay. They will have a

catalog of homes, and their listings will often be displayed on the front window as well as on their website. Take a look and view them, and ask to be contacted if any new Chico properties come onto the market.


Online search

As well as Chico real estate agents, you should also look online and search for appropriate Chico properties there. Also, sign yourself up for the email alerts that notify you as soon as new properties become available.


The property section is a lift out so you can easily keep the listings with you.usually look through the Chico property listings that appear in your local newspapers and cut out Chico properties that you like you can then contact the relevant Chico real estate agent to arrange a viewing.